Capital Structure

Share capital stands at three million euros (€3,000,000) and is divided into sixty million shares with a nominal value of five cents of an euro (€0.05) per share.

Naturhouse Health, S.A.’s shares are represented by book entries and belong to the same class, and enjoy full political and economic rights.

From 24Th of April; 2015, the company’s shares are listed on the Stock Exchanges of Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia through the Stock Market Interconnection System (Continuous Market), with the ISIN code: ES0105043006.

Operation Type
Share capital after operation (€)
17 June 2014
Stock splits and capital increase
The number of shares are split by reducing the nominal value from €375 to €0.05 per share and share capital is increased by €2,525,250 through the issuing of 50,505,000 new shares.

2 June 2014
Capital increase
Capital is increased by €99,750 through the issuing of 266 new shares.